Google Artificial Intelligence Courses 2024 by Google Experts

Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path is a new initiative by Google for those who have an interest in learning AI. Google is offering Free Google Artificial Intelligence Courses 2024 and it’s open for everyone. The Google AI Course comes with a Completion of Badge certificate that you can earn by completing the course later you can download the the certificate and use it on your LinkedIn profile or share it with other employers.

All the applicants who are interested in the field of Artificial intelligence should not miss out on this course. As we all know there is a big advancement in this field and many big companies and organizations have started adopting this technology in their daily work so why not become a pro in this field and open your career doors in multiple companies and organizations that are seeking for AI experts?

Applicants belonging to any part of the world can enroll in this course regardless of any restriction in field age or education requirements everyone can join. The (AI Courses) by Google consists of 9 courses consisting of learning videos, documents Assignments, and quizzes that you need to complete to get a certification.

The Google AI Generative Online Course is self-paced you can complete all the courses in your available time there are no restrictions on time for attending the course. So Relax! Enroll and complete the course at your own pace and ease. To know more about the Google Artificial Intelligence Course check the information given below.

Google Artificial Intelligence Courses 2024 Details

Platform: Google Cloud
Course by: Google
Open For: Everyone
Certification: Available

Google is also offering Cyber Security Course don’t miss out if you are interested in it

Why Should You Learn AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

  • The most trending technology in 2024.
  • All companies and organizations are adopting this technology
  • The demand for AI experts will increase as the technology gets broader
  • Open multiple career opportunities for you in the future
  • Many Top companies are already offering multiple job opportunities for AI experts

Google AI Course 2024 Benefits

  • The courses are prepared by the Google AI experts.
  • The registration or course fee.
  • All the courses are self-paced.
  • You can earn a free certification badge after completing the course.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The course is open to all nationals
  • No Age restriction
  • No Academic restrictions
  • Enrolling process is online

In short, we can say it is the Future of technology

List of Google AI Courses

Google is offering 9 AI courses that are

1. Introduction to GenerativeAI

It’s an introductory-level course where you will learn about Generative AI how is it used and how it differs from the machine learning method. The course also covers the tools that will help you in developing your own Gen AI Apps.

After completing the course you will earn a completion badge that will be visible on your profile page.

2. Introduction to Large Language Model

In this course, you will come to know what Large Language Models are and where they can be utilized. This is also an introductory course the duration of the course is 8 hours.

3.  Introduction to Responsible AI

The course will explain to you what responsible AI is and how Google manages to implement responsible AI in its products. The course also introduces Google’s 7 AI principles.

4. Introduction to Image Generation

The course introduces Family machine learning and discussion models in the image generation space. In this course, you will learn the theory behind the diffusion models and how to deploy them on Vertex AI

5. Encoder-Decoder Architecture

In this course, you will learn about the encoder-decoder architecture which is a powerful machine-learning architecture used for tasks such as text Summarization, machine translation, and question-answering.

6. Attention Mechanism

The attention Mechanism is a powerful technique that allows the neural network to focus on specific parts of an input sequence. You will learn how it works and how it can improve the performance of machine-learning tasks.

7. Trasformer & Bert Model

In this course, you will learn about the main components of the transformer architecture and how it is used to build the BERT model. You will also learn about the different tasks that BERT implements.

8. Create Image Captioning Models

In this course, you will learn how to create image captioning models by using deep learning. By the end of the course, you will be capable of making your image model.

9. Introduction to Generative AI Studio

In this course, you will be introduced to the Generative AI Studio that helps in customizing generative AI models you will also learn its features and options.

How to Apply for the Google AI Courses?

The application process is online you need to enroll for the course you are interested in. I have mentioned all the links for the course above you can visit and enroll by signing up. Best of Luck!

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