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Want to polish new skills by attending the courses from the comfort of home? Well, enroll in HP Online courses 2024. HP offers a wide range of Free Online courses for students and professionals to learn new in-demand skills and to upgrade your CV. Online courses from the top companies provide you with an international learning experience as the course is developed by the top company professionals located worldwide. The HP Life Free Online courses are open to all nationalities what you need is a laptop and a mobile device to attend the classes.

HP Life offers free certification after completing their short online course which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile or CV. We always encourage students and professionals to learn new skills that not only open the door for multiple career opportunities but also equip them with the latest skills. The best thing about these short courses is that there is no specific timetable or restrictions to attend the classes you can complete the course at your own pace. We encourage all students, Graduates, and professionals to enroll in these courses and build their professional profiles.

The enrolling process for the HP Online Courses for Students is quite simple it is a matter of a few minutes don’t worry we will guide you about the enrolling process later in this post before that let us provide you with the complete details about this course you make up your mind before applying. The motto of “HP Life for these courses is:

“Empowering Everyone, Everywhere to learn the Skills for a successful future“.

Details About HP Online Courses 2024

Courses By:  HP Life
Open for:  All International Applicants
Qualification: No Requirement
Courses Available: 30+
Mode of Course:  Online

About HP Life

HP Life offers a free business skills training program for everyone that can be accessed through its official portal or mobile app. You can also attend the course offline through Equality’s Kolibri platform. The online courses will enlighten you with new business concepts and in-demand skills. The courses are available in 8 different languages so a maximum number of applicants can take advantage of them. Whether you want to enrich your curriculum, support business, or improve employment skills this course will help you through.

About HP Online Courses

The courses are designed with the collaboration of the company partners and HP experts to create highly effective courses. The courses are free to everyone regardless of Age, Education, or Country. There is a total no of 30+ courses that consist of practical exercises that enable you to develop new skills from the comfort of your home. Courses are available in 8 different languages that are:

Course Languages:

The courses are taught in the following languages:

  1. Arabic.
  2. French.
  3. Portuguese.
  4. Spanish.
  5. Hindi.
  6. Bahasa Indonesia.
  7. Chinese.
  8. English.

We have discussed the language of the courses now let’s see what courses are offered by HP Life.

Courses Available

Right now there are  30+ Self-paced free courses available on the official portal that increase time by time. It would be difficult for you to check for each course therefore we have categorized them so you can explore by categories.

  1. Communication.
  2. Startup / Innovate.
  3. Career Development.
  4. Finance.
  5. Marketing.
  6. Operations.
  7. Digital Business Skills.

Now you can easily explore the courses by exploring through the above-mentioned categories.

HP life course Stats
Source: https://www.life-global.org/about

HP Life Online Courses Benefits:

  • Opportunity to learn from the HP Experts.
  • Learn the latest in-demand skills.
  • Self-paced courses with no restrictions.
  • No eligibility criteria everyone can enroll in the course.
  • You have a choice of eight different languages.
  • Free Certification after completing the course.

How to Enroll for HP Free Courses with Certificate?

Follow the following steps to enroll for the HP training and certification courses:

  1. Visit the official portal of HP Life.
  2. Browse through the category of your interest.
  3. Select any course from the category you want to take.
  4. All interested candidates must register on the portal to take the course.

Visit the official link to apply for the HP Life Short Online Courses:


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